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3/20/2019 - Veteran Economic Justice Advocate Announces 

Intention To Run For At-Large City Council Seat 


From the Boston Herald - Progressive Boston City Council expected as race takes shape

The City Council has emerged as a progressive stronghold in the city and experts predict the body will continue trending leftward in the upcoming municipal election, as more women and candidates of color seek office.

“I think we’ve seen a sea change in Boston politics,” said former City Councilor John Nucci, currently a board member at Massport. “The council has become increasingly progressive, and I see no reason that that trend won’t continue.”

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Priscilla on BNN - Boston Neighborhood Network News

Priscilla sat down for an exclusive interview  with Christopher Lovett, News Director and Anchor of Boston Neighborhood Network News.  She discussed plans for her campaign and important issues impacting Boston. She also discussed her plans to work with residents throughout the city along with community stakeholders to address those issues. Watch the Video HERE


Priscilla at the front lines supporting Stop and Shop workers

Priscilla is no stranger to workers rights. She is the only candidate with a history of fighting for workers right, including a livable wage. Here is Priscilla on the front lines with workers and union members. Priscilla has always been a strong supporter of the union and was glad to be on the front lines supporting the United Food and Commercial Workers Unions demand for a pay raise, revisions to the company's earlier offer on health insurance and extension of defined benefit pension benefits to all eligible employees.

Public Reading, The Letter from the Birmingham Jail.

Priscilla Flint- Banks joined more than 30 Boston-area non-profit organizations, businesses, activists, educators, youth, elderly, gay, straight, disabled and clergy who convened to read the Letter from the Birmingham Jail.  

King's Letter is one of our nation's most important civic and theological statements on race and citizens. ... The mission of the reading was to reflect on the creative vision articulated by the Rev. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Priscilla was honored to be one of the many people invited to participate in the event. Read More HERE

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From the Mission Hill Gazette

Priscilla Flint-Banks Announces Intention to Run for At-Large City Council Seat

Priscilla Flint-Banks recently informed local neighborhood and community stakeholders of her intent to run as a candidate for Boston City Councilor At-Large. Over the past year, she said, ”I have received calls from many Boston residents, political leaders and Boston changemakers urging me to seek the office of At-Large Boston City Council. After prayerful consideration and family discussions, I have decided to accept this challenge before me.” Priscilla said at a fundraiser in a room of friends, family members, and online supporters. ” I am running for city council because It’s time for a change, change that affects and impacts every single neighborhood positively! “   Read more HERE


From 97.7 WKAF Community Focus Notes

On March 17th  Priscilla participated in 97.7,  WKAF's Community Focus Notes with it's host  Dr. Darnell Williams. Guests included Priscilla Flint-Banks, Candidate for At Large Boston City Council. It also included Tanisha Salmon - Founder of Begin To Dream Again Foundation.  During the 1 hour show, Priscilla talked about Woman’s Hurdles & Challenges, Faith & Calls for Public Service, Housing Inequality & Gentrification in Boston.


From the Boston Hearld OP-ED

OP-ED Highlights City Council and Game-Changers, including Priscilla Flint-Banks

It’s an exciting time for the women on the  council, who recently saw one of their own — Ayanna Pressley — elected to Congress. Everyone is stepping up their game and that’s a good thing for the city. Waiting in the wings, eager to flex their muscles during this campaign season are a new crop of city councilor hopefuls — all  strong and accomplished women activists in their own right. They include game-changers like Alejandra St. Guillen, former immigration chief for the city and former executive director of Oiste, a statewide Latino political and civic organization; Priscilla Flint-Banks, economic equity activist, founder of the Black Economic Justice Institute, radio commentator and minister; Julia Mejia, education and parent advocate; and Mimi Turchinetz and Alkia Powell.

 Read the full Boston Herald OP-Ed HERE


From Another Level, Boston Neighborhood Network Media, with Host Professor Sharon Hinton

Priscilla Flint Banks - At-Large Candidate for Boston City Council talks about economic development, community empowerment, gentrification, progressive politics and the houising crisis in Boston. See the Interview HERE