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  • Priscilla was born and raised in Boston. 
  • Priscilla is the wife of Larry (Brother Lo) Banks and will celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary this July, She has 6 stepchildren, has fostered 2 children,and has 12 grandchildren.
  • She is a licensed Minister 
  • She is a published Author with “I Look Back and Wonder How I Got Over” her Autobiography



Policy Experience


  • Assisted in the rewriting of the 1986 Boston Resident Job Policy (BRJP). A new ordinance was voted and approved by the City Councilors on January 25, 2017
  • Working to get the Good Jobs Standards (GJS) approved as a city wide ordinance, which will ensure Boston residents will have the opportunity to obtain good working wage jobs.
  • Reviewing an Economic Justice Commission. This commission would look at Unions and  how they can become more transparent and fair in their recruitment process.

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