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Priscilla Flint-Banks


Priscilla is a life-long Democrat who has been an active part of our Boston community all of her life. She has  worked tirelessly to make Boston a better place to live, work and raise children. 

As your At-Large Council member, Priscilla will build on her practical experience championing public safety, education, economic development, community engagement, affordable housing. 

She will also continue to champion and be diligent around ensuring good working wage with enforcement for better wage jobs policies and economic justice for every neighborhood.

Serving Our Neighborhoods


Priscilla knows the value of people power and resident involvement in every neighborhood of this city. 

That's why she is running for an At-Large seat on the Boston City Council. It's time to help her, to help you make problem-solving, policy, legislative, and progressive legislative changes. 

As a member of the city council, she will use her unique perspective and experience to be a new inclusive voice for our city and its neighborhoods.on the Boston City Council.

Get Involved!


Priscilla Flint-Banks can't win this election without your inspired help and support. 

Whether it is canvassing, passing out flyers, word-of-mouth, donating, throwing block or house parties so that your neighborhood can meet Priscilla, or volunteering during the week or on the weekends!  Our movement needs your help!

Help us bring our joyful and inspiring campaign to your neighborhood! Contact Priscilla's campaign directly at PriscillaForBoston@gmail.com

Priscilla with Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins

Priscilla attended the  Progressive Mass Breaking Barriers Breakfast. Priscilla met up with the events special guest and friend, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins (pictured on the right) 

Progressive Massachusetts (“Progressive Mass”) is a statewide, member-driven grassroots organization built from the ground up by organizers and activists from across Massachusetts to advocate for progressive policy.

They believe in a Massachusetts where social, racial, and economic justice; environmental sustainability; health care as a right; equal access to quality public services; respect for all residents; and accountable and transparent government are given top priority. And we work to make that vision a reality. Learn More HERE


Priscilla with Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

Priscilla attended the St. Patrick's Day Breakfast, joining  the state's political leaders  in the city's South Boston neighborhood for Irish songs, Irish dancing and political jokes. Boston has a significant Irish-American population, and South Boston is its historical stomping ground. The breakfast itself dates back more than a century and is a regular stop for politicians. Priscilla was proud to have attended the joyous event. Priscilla is pictured at the event with her friend Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley who was one of the many speakers at the event.


Priscilla at the front lines supporting Stop and Shop workers

Priscilla is no stranger to workers rights. She is the only candidate with a history of fighting for workers right, including a livable wage. Here is Priscilla on the front lines with workers and union members. Priscilla has always been a strong supporter of the union and was glad to be on the front lines supporting the United Food and Commercial Workers Unions demand for a pay raise, revisions to the company's earlier offer on health insurance and extension of defined benefit pension benefits to all eligible employees.

Your donation of $10, $25, $50,  $100, $250, $500, $750 or $1,000 will help provide critically-needed funds for yard signs, printing, and direct mail expenses. You can help spread the message of inclusion, equity, economic development and jobs and justice for all of Boston. 



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